Custom Neck Tags

Custom printed neck tags provide your brand with an additional touchpoint, offering a unique and memorable way to leave a lasting imprression.

Offer a stylish and memorable touchpoint, elevating your t-shirts with a custom, retail-quality finish. We believe in delivering products that not only look great but also provide superior comfort. That's why we use transfer labels, they're unnoticeable to the touch, ensuring no discomfort on the back of your neck. Our custom neck tags eliminate the itchy, irritating manufacturer tags, reflecting our dedication to both quality and customer satisfaction.

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Turnaround Time
Add +3 days for printed tags and +3 days for sewn-in tag removal (depending on the garment).

Print Method
We use DTF heat transfer as our standard method for custom tags. This method ensures the highest image clarity on any fabric, including fleece, and allows for unlimited colors. The maximum image size is 3" x 3".

Recommended Information
Include the following in your tag art: Company Name, RN#, Fabric Contents, Country of Origin, and Care Instructions.

Font Size
Keep the tag art moderately bold. The minimum recommended type size is 6 points for legibility, though smaller sizes may be less readable depending on the fabric. We can assist with creating custom tag artwork if needed.

Minimum Quantities
The minimum order for tag printing is 24 pieces per design, regardless of size distribution. If changing garment styles, a minimum of 24 pieces is required for each style. Different fabric blends also require a minimum of 24 pieces each. Pricing is based on the 24-quantity minimum, not the total order.

Tearaway Tags
No charge for removing tearaway tags, but remnants may remain in the seam. For complete removal, standard fees and turnarounds apply.

Tag Removal
Add +3 days to your turnaround for the removal of sewn manufacturer tags, as not all seam styles remove the same way.

Color Changes
Design or color changes are not allowed on tag prints.

Placement Allowance
There is a 0.5” placement allowance in any direction on tag prints.


24 units = 3.50$ / unit

48 units = 3.00$ / unit

72 units = 2.50$ / unit

144+ units = 2.00$ / unit

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