Digital Printing

Direct-To-Garment printing is a trendy method for printing on apparel. This print method uses formatted inkjet printers, which print water-based inks directly into the fabric of a garment. DTG printing uses CMYK ink, which allows the process to reproduce photo images, full colour artwork, and gradients perfectly. With DTG printing we have no design limitations and this allows for an unlimited possibility of designs.

Digital printing methods: DTG / DTF / DTG Vintage

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Direct to Garment

DTG printing is ideal for intricate designs and small runs. It offers high detail and vibrant colors. This method works best on 100% cotton or natural fibers. It’s also great for designs with fades and shades, using the garment color to blend seamlessly into the artwork.

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Direct to Film

DTF printing is versatile and suitable for a wide range of fabrics, including polyester, blends, and natural fibers. It’s perfect for designs requiring durability and flexibility, making it ideal for sportswear, uniforms, and items that need to withstand regular washing and wear. This method is excellent for small details, neck tagging, and corporate wear, ensuring vibrant, detailed prints that are long-lasting and high-quality.

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