Hem Tags

Stylish, attention-grabbing feature for the bottom seam or sleeve of a shirt. They add a touch of quality and make your brand instantly recognizable!

Common placements include the hip, neck, sleeve, cuff of a beanies or hoodie pockets.

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Added Turnaround Time
+3 days for sewing on hem tags, +2 weeks if we're manufacturing the hem tags first, then sewing them on.

Hem tags are commonly placed on the hip, neck, sleeve, and hoodie pockets. The most popular spot is the lower left hip area of a t-shirt.

Manufacturing Hem Tags
We can create your hem tags for you. Manufacturing takes 3-4 weeks, so for orders including hem tag creation, the turnaround is 2 weeks plus an additional 1-2 weeks for the first order. After that, having your hem tags in stock adds only an extra 3 days for attaching them. We recommend ordering more tags than needed initially so we can keep the extras in stock for your future orders.

Providing Your Labels
If you prefer to source your own labels, you can send them to us. Please ship them to your account manager’s attention to ensure proper identification upon arrival.

Woven Labels
The neck of the shirt can be relabeled by removing the stock label and replacing it with a custom woven label. This label can be placed “under the tape” (under the seam) or “over the tape” (over the seam), depending on your preference.

Other Labels
For neck area labels, we recommend satin printed labels for their softness and non-irritating quality. For hip and sleeve labels, damask labels are preferred due to their higher thread count, resulting in a softer feel and more detailed design. Athletic-style hem tags, typically 2" tall and 3" wide, are placed on the hip area and sewn on the front of the shirt, not wrapping around the bottom.

Hem Tag ONLY Orders
We do not sell custom hem tags separately. They are available only with the purchase of a custom printed order where we apply the hem tags to the garments.


Sewing on

24 units = 2.00$ / unit

72 units = 1.75$ / unit

144 units = 1.25$ / unit

288 units = 1.00$ / unit

500+ units = 0.75$ / unit

Hem Tag MFG

24 units = 6.00$ / unit

48 units = 4.90$ / unit

72 units = 3.25$ / unit

144 units = 2.75$ / unit

288 units = 2.00$ / unit

500+ units = 1.00$ / unit

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